Islington Deserves Better Housing

We demand that Islington Council conduct a thorough independent audit into conditions and maintenance of all social housing managed by the council. Having declared a housing emergency this Labour led council seek to build a number of new homes but failing to adequately maintain the stock that they already manage.


Rents and service charges have seen a big increase although conditions tenants are living in is becoming substandard with reports of vermin infestations, poor repairs and more properties blighted by damp and mould, homes are becoming so inhabitable, a resident was forced to sleep outside the property in a tent. This is unacceptable.


Concerns over inadequate social housing managed by Islington Council launched an investigation by the Housing Ombudsman who deemed this council had  ‘poor handling of dam and mould complaints'

 We therefore, demand that the council does a full audit of the viability of all the properties in their care and makes the findings public, to assure that residents are confident that these serious issues affecting people across our borough are being recognised.


The findings of an audit should be scrutinised to recognise the extent of the issue, and ensure there is an adequate plan to rectify issues within a reasonable timescale and with transparency keeping residents interests at the heart of the issue.

Petition - Islington Social Housing

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