Near record employment means fewer on benefits in Islington

Conservative management of the national economy has resulted in near record employment and so fewer people out of work and on benefits.

In fact 49% fewer in Islington South & Finsbury and 48% fewer in Islington North (source: ONS). 

Nationally there are over 32 million people in work.  Unemployment is also at its lowest rate since 1975.  The rise in employment over the past year has been driven by full time workers.

Greater employment means more in tax receipts and as announced in the budget last week £6.3 billion of new funding for the NHS; £3.5 billion will be invested in upgrading NHS buildings and improving care and £2.8 billion will go towards improving A&E performance, reducing waiting times for patients, and treating more people this winter.

Mostly importantly a lack of work is damaging in terms of mental health and so these figures bode well for societal cohesion.  Employment - whether full or part time - is an important personal motivator and predictor of longer, healthier lives.