Islington Candidates Nominated

Two candidates have been nominated to represent the Conservative Party for constituents in Islington North and South.

In Islington North James Clark a former Infantry Officer in the Regular Army has been selected. He says "I can't wait to be back in Islington meeting local people and understanding their concerns in order to represent them better when I am hopefully elected as their Member of Parliament on 8th June. This country needs strong and stable leadership to continue our economic success and provide a platform for our Brexit negotiations. Theresa May as Prime Minister will deliver exactly that."

Selected for Islington South, Angel-based Solicitor Jason Charalambous says "I will be a strong local champion who will campaign for more affordable housing in Islington so that people can get on in life. Theresa May and the Conservative Party care about ordinary working people and with a strong economy we can deliver the most for everyone." Jason has been fundraising for Islington-based disabled children's charity KIDS for 7 years and has a strong track record of public service as the founder and Chairman of the Trent Park Museum Trust and a popular London Borough Councillor.


Both have already begun campaigning in their respective Constituencies. If you require more information why not check their Facebook pages: @jamesclark4islingtonnorth and @jasontgcharalambous